KPI Data Assessment

Sprint 2.2 Aug 2016 - Nov 2016

The purpose of this document is to describe a project facilitated by the City of Austin’s Open Data Initiative. It contains key contact information, the project scope and charter – which identifies the problem statement, key partners, documents, and success criteria – and links to working documents. Throughout the project, progress and final reports will be appended to provide a comprehensive account of the work and value delivered.

Team Contacts

Project coordinator:

Hailey Pate -

Team members:

Project Scope and Charter

Problem Statement

About the problem:

Increased transparency, public collaboration, and data-driven decision making are key goals of Austin’s Open Data Initiative. As part of the initiative’s effort to pursue these goals, City Departments developed open data inventories last year – however, the information was often inconsistent, incomplete, or hard to understand. Furthermore, the inventory did not include information about how a department’s data assets relate (if at all) to Austin’s Key Performance Indicators. More information about department-level data is needed to understand the City’s open data strengths and opportunities.

Why it matters:

When we have more consistent inventories, information about each department’s open data resources will be easier to discover and use. When departments have this information, they can work more strategically to maintain their performance data. From the perspective of city performance, having more organized information about data sources would help the Performance Office assess measure reliability and improve how indicators are reported.

The approach:

This project involves three main activities. First, we will develop a working list of questions we’d like to be able to answer about each department’s open data assets. Second, we will design and deploy a survey to collect the information needed to answer those questions. Third, we will publish our progress and findings publicly so anyone interested can access the results and create their own analyses.

Success criteria

We’ll know this project has been successfully completed when:

  • We can measure how many of the City’s Key Performance Indicators can be sourced from raw, structured data
  • We have published our findings publicly and in dataset format
  • We have completed our project deliverables, including progress and final reports


Key users/customers

  • Open Data Liaisons
  • Non-technical users interested in learning about Austin’s open data
  • Civic hackers interested in discovering open data
  • Open government and transparency advocates
  • City leaders working closely with performance metrics

Key dates

  • Aug 16, 2016 - Project kickoff
  • Sep 23, 2016 - Project scope amended
  • Sep 30, 2016 - 30 Day Progress Report due
  • Oct ?, 2016 - Assessment Period Begins
  • Oct ?, 2016 - Assessment Period Ends
  • Nov 14, 2016 - End of project sprint period

Scope Amendments

Sep 23, 2016:

The scope is being modified to focus more on the KPI Data Assessment activity. Integration of the assessment results into the open data plans documents will be postponed to a later sprint, likely as part of a broader open data plans improvement project.

Summary of changes:

  • modified problem statement to exclude plan-focused activities
  • in success criteria, replaced publishing open data plans with publishing the KPI data assessment findings
  • removed plan-related items from deliverables
  • change project title from Open Data Plans Reboot to KPI Data Assessment

Progress Reports

Sep 30, 2016

What’ve done since Aug, 16: - Held team meetings to develop survey for understanding where information for KPIs comes from - Started writing code for website that will host survey links and department progress reports - Connected with Performance Office and received dataset of all measures from ePerf system - Modified project scope and charter to reflect focus on KPI data and discovering open data opportunities

What we’re going to do between now and the project end: - User testing for surveys - Deploy surveys and collect responses - Publish data so it can be analyzed by folks who are interested - Perform preliminary analysis of data and present Nov 21

End of Project Report

[coming soon]